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4 reasons why water dripping from your air-conditioner is gross

While you are napping in your room, you suddenly felt water droplets drop on your face. You woke up, trying to find the source and you notice that it’s from your air conditioner surface, has this happen before you ponder for a minute as you try to fetch a chair to go nearer and check what’s going on as the air conditioner is still new.
It’s really annoying to be woken up to a situation like this. Often, water droplets can form on your air conditioner surface due to condensation. On the other hand, the air conditioner will not be drippy, it should get checked as soon as possible. This could happen due to leak or a clog, or plain old condensation and the water that
drips from an air conditioner are really really bad!

Unattended air conditioner can bring a lot of issues as it can be a perfect spot for bacteria to grow and proliferate and can cause a notorious illness such as legionnaires disease.

Other than that, mould loves the area a breeding ground too. The process through which an air conditioner work relies on outside air being sucked into the air conditioning unit and cooled. That air isn’t purified, so you’ll find it chock-full of airborne bacteria and mould spores.

When an air conditioner is at rest, its interior warms up and any residual moisture and condensation within the unit and its ducting creates ideal conditions for mould to thrive.

The internal parts of your air conditioner are made out of heavy metal. If dissolved into the water and can be harmful to you and your loved ones not to mention with the fusion of dirt that collects in an un-maintained unit and collects in the water that subsequently drips is disgusting too.
Not only does this make the water dirty and unhealthy, but it can potentially cause permanent stains as well.

In short, the water dripping from your air conditioner is not just a nuisance, but harmful to you as well. Proper and regular cleaning and maintenance of your air conditioner units will usually fix the problem and avoid any health issues in the long run.


Louisa Lee, 
4 reasons why water dripping from your air-conditioner is gross

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