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San Marino Interior Design Interior Design Firm Adds Three Exclusive Renovation Guarantees

HONG KONG, Nov. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Buying an ideal home and renovating it with style is a gratifying life experience. However, the ideal home must go through a complicated renovation design process. In recent years, a considerable number of consumers and renovation companies in the market have failed to complete the interior design project due to poor communication and monetary disputes.

To overcome this challenge, San Marino Interior Design Firm has added three new guarantees, “Quality Guarantee”, “Quotation Guarantee” and “Schedule Guarantee”, to protect customers from renovation disputes.

Quality Guarantee

Unlike other interior design companies in the market, San Marino Interior Design Firm has a “full-service butler” to serve as a point-to-point communication manager, who tracks the progress of the project and answers any immediate inquiries from customers.

After completion of the project, San Marino Interior Design will not only provide maintenance services but will also take the initiative to provide on-site inspections during the one-year maintenance period to ensure interior design quality.

San Marino Interior Design has an experienced team of over 20 people, including renovation consultants, customer service officers, quality control officers, all with extensive experience in the renovation industry. The team’s goal is to serve as a gatekeeper to regulate and prevent projects from renovation disputes.

Quotation Guarantee

San Marino Interior Design Firm’s professional team will forecast the renovation cost as well as potential additional costs and promises that the additional cost will not exceed 5% of the original quotation.

Moreover, San Marino Interior Design offers flexible payment terms for homeowners. When signing a contract, homeowners can choose to pay in four installments. For example, the client pays the first installment of the contract, then the second installment before ordering the furniture, then the third installment after the painting is completed, and the final installment upon completion.

Schedule Guarantee

San Marino Interior Design Firm will provide a transparent schedule so that clients can anticipate the completion date. San Marino Interior Design Firm will compensate clients in cash if the renovation project is not completed within the mutually agreed date. The goal is to protect the client’s interest from the extended construction period.

About San Marino Interior Design Interior Design Firm

With years of professional experience in home interior design and renovation, the company has completed over 1,000 projects including large residential buildings, public housing renovation (公屋裝修) , village house renovation, kitchen design (廚房裝修) , office renovation, and government projects, etc.